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Fishing and Angling Tour in Corbett National Park
Fishing and Angling is one of the best adventures sports in Jim Corbett National Park. This park has some god gifted rivers where open fishing and angling is allowed with a special Permit from the forest officials. The most famous spot for fishing and angling is Marchula Bridge,Van Ghat Pool, Pancheshwar, Bageshwar etc. Marchula is famous worldwide for Mahseer fishing near Corbett. Jim Corbett national park gives an opportunity all travelers, photographers and wildlife lovers to come that place for fishing and angling each and every year.

Polular Fishes in Corbett

Mahseer / Golden Mahseer
Mahseer is most famous fish which is found in the fresh water of Ramganga, Kali, Saryoo and Kosi River. It is also called tiger of the Indians rivers and fighting fish in the world. For Mahseer fishing, Marchula (on the banks of Ramaganga) is a hot spot in Corbett national park. When one can tries to catching this fish it puts up a heavy fighting, so be prepared before angling since it is an endangered species.

Fishing Mahseer is a great fun in Ramaganga River, so it is also called as game fish with the length of the beat. The Golden Mahseer has been known to reach 2.75 m in length and 54 kg in weight.

Basically there are three types of Mahseer is available at Ramagang river such as Red fin Mahseer (Golden Mahseer), silver Mahseer and black Mahseer. Black Mahseer locally called as “Kalli Machi”.

Goonch is a huge catfish that can grow to a length of over Five to six feet and can run to 250 to 300 lb. These spices are normally found in fastest water in the river and in the pools below the falls. If you want angling Golden Mahseer and Goonch, You need to be prepared In fact, Mahaseer fishing is a great fun, for it rapidly grabs the bait. Catching Mahseer is always an anglers’ delight.

Best Time for Fishing in Corbett
The best time to go spot fishing is from October to November and February to May at that time rivers are replete with all different types of fish.

We also conduct fishing and angling trips at reasonable price of the Ramganga, Kali, Saryoo and Kosi River.
Duration : 03 Nights/04 Days
Duration : 03 Nights/04 Days
Duration : 03 Nights/04 Days
Duration : 04 Nights/05 Days
Duration : 03 Nights/04 Days

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